A botique winery, Mount England Estate is situated in the Somerset Valley wine region  
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Mount England Estate is located in the foothills of the Fernvale Township, which is in the picturesque Brisbane Valley. We named the vineyard and winery after Mount England, a local landmark, which shadows us.

The estate has been in the Hooper Family for nearly 16 years and the vineyard and winery has been established for 10 years.

We are an ultra boutique winery that has set our standards to the highest quality for our products. We do not produce any more than 2000 bottles per brand/wine type, but the average release is one barrel (300 bottles). All the grapes that we use are meticulously selected by our winemaker from Queensland only.

In the winemaking aspect, we use very little machinery and most of it is done by hand, including manual basket presses, bottling and labeling. So when you buy one of our products, you are getting a great wine, a passion and a dream of the Hooper Family.